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Connecting the Northern Beaches to the city

Northern Beaches B-Line Program

The Northern Beaches B-Line Program (NBBP) began operating on 26 November 2017 and is an integrated project of infrastructure and service improvements designed to deliver greater community connectivity to, from, and within the Northern Beaches. 

The complex works consisted of approximately 80 projects spread across 48 sites spanning 32 kilometres from Newport to Wynyard.  The project aimed to deliver modern, safe and accessible transport infrastructure within a highly constrained, built-up and active environment. It included the provision of a Northern Beaches Bus Service Plan and new express double-decker ‘B-Line’ buses that would run between Newport and Wynyard.

Bus stop

SPG was enlisted as project manager for the TfNSW project delivery team. SPG led the negotiation of the inter-agency deed which set out the terms of reference for the project's operation and the expectations of the two government departments, Transport for NSW and RMS.

SPG’s innovative approach to managing the project saw the initiation of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to monitor the site, enabling live video connectivity between site and project office. Our scope of work also included extensive stakeholder and government relations management. 

SPG’s reputation and efficiency on this project were the foundations of long-term working relations with the internal and external interested parties.

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