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From former ruins beauty was built

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Built in the 19th century, the Paddington Reservoir is an award-winning venue in the Sydney’s eastern suburbs that was completely transformed by the City of Sydney and SPG into a modern, public space. 

Reservoir Gardens
Reservoir Gardens

In 2006, SPG was engaged to manage the structure and transform the old heritage-listed Paddington Reservoir into an urban park while conserving and highlighting its historic features. Preserving its history presented several challenges for the construction process, however, SPG adopted an innovative approach to this challenge, engaging a team of specialists who delivered the required structural elements to showcase the preserved foundations. 

The completed project is a testament to SPG’s extensive experience in structural work and heritage conservation.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens has won multiple awards, most notably the Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design and the Greenway Award for Heritage (projects), both from Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and NSW.

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